3DX Performance Fitness Challenge


Are you ready for your second Fitness Challenge? I hope everyone got challenged last month and is ready to push themselves again. Remember if you want results and you want to feel good about your body,  you have to put in the work.  So let’s GO to work and challenge ourselves to stay FIT.

This challenge is twice a week for the whole month. You can do these workouts at your favorite park or the comfort of your home. Please update me on how you are doing by emailing me at
3dxplosiveperformance@gmail.com  keep a track of how strong you’re getting, how many inches you lost, how tone you’re getting and how many pounds you have lost. The person with the most success will receive 2 free personal training sessions along with a one month nutritional meal plan. Show me what your made of and turn up for fitness challenge #2  Let’s GO!!!!

Twice a day Fitness Challenge exercises:

Day 1

  1. 1 Minute Wall Sits

  2. 10 Shoulder Press

  3. 50 Jumping  Jax

  4. 15 Planks

  5. 15 Bicep Curls

Day 2

  1. 25 Squat Sits( Find a chair or bench, simply sit and stand) add dumbbell weights to make it challenging

  2. 12 Lateral Raise ( Have your arm to your side with weights, and raise arms up and down without going above  your shoulder

  3. 1 minute High knee

  4. 25 crunches

  5. 15 one arm bicep curls


Zahra Williams
Certified Fitness trainer/ Sports Performance Coach
3D Xplosive Performance

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